Dr. Hornyánszky Ádám ügyvéd

Dr. Ádám Hornyánszky

attorney at law

Dr. Ádám Hornyánszky attorney at law

About me

My name is Dr. Ádám Hornyánszky, I am an attorney at law and member of the Budapest Bar Association since 2011.

I was born in 1976; before my education at the law school, I graduated in business administration.

In my practice I combine my legal skills with my business experience, thus I can offer my clients not only legal advice, but also profound business knowledge.

I lived for several years in Germany (Munich), in Austria (Vienna), in Portugal (Lisbon) and in the US (Atlanta, GA); for this reason, I can also assist my clients in German and English language in their international projects and operations.

Practice areas & market expertise

Business Law

(corporate and international commercial law)

Real estate

Pharma/life sciences/health care

Cooperative law

Claim enforcement

(incl. non-legal debt management)

Advertisement law




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1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 73.


1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 73.

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